The Journey to Niniveh: Meki from Malawi

This week we sat down with this gentleman from Malawi who shared his story of how God orchestrated events until he responded to His call. Read and be blessed. My name is Foley Meki from Malawi in the city of Blantyre. God blessed me with a family – one wife and three wonderful gifts of children. A look into my life in as far as God’s calling is concerned will reveal a vivid comparison with that of the prophet Jonah. The prophet was tasked to go to Niniveh but he ran away to Tarshish. Although I did not run away per se, still I pursued other avenues despite the confirmed call of God over my life. It is still crystal clear in my mind how at the age of eighteen I was almost enrolled for Theology College. However, I had to be rejected on Read More

Sorting the Good from the Bad: Dehusking

Dear reader, you will recall that in this part of our blog we have been covering the macadamia nut processing since harvesting began. If you have just started reading with this blog post, you might want to also view the other previous posts on harvesting and nut collection. What we aim to do is to follow and cover what is happening in our macadamia field in as far as the nuts are concerned. By doing so, we will be providing information about the entire process as well as tell the stories of the different individuals working in the Tree of Life project. Today we will be discussing another stage in the nut processing called dehusking. When the nuts are brought back from the farm, they are weighed and then offloaded into the dehusking Read More

“I want to be a solution to the crying world” – Zitsile Kunene

Today we bring a powerful story of one of our first year students. Hear what this woman of God has to say about coming to ACC My name is Zitsile Kunene, a Swazi, and I am married with two children, a boy and a girl. Growing up, my parents and older siblings wanted me to choose a career that suited them not me. Despite that I had a vivid picture and calling into ministerial work, specifically Christian counselling and psychology for the kingdom of God, my family was absolutely against it. There was this notion that going into ministry leads to poverty and a mediocre lifestyle. Consequently, I disobeyed God and studied the opposite of what I called to do, though that also did not pay off. However changing my nation for God’s glory is Read More